Bobbi Kristina Feud Escalates: Nick Gordon Tells Bobby Brown to ‘Grow Up’ (Photo)

“Your daughter is going to hate you when she wakes up,” Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend tells the R&B singer

Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown are shown in a photo posted on her Instagram page on Apr. 28, 2014

Nick Gordon just took his feud with Bobbi Kristina Brown’s father, Bobby Brown, to the next level by posting text messages he sent to the “My Prerogative” singer.

“Man to man, I love your daughter,” Gordon wrote in a screenshot he posted to Twitter on Monday morning. “I don’t know why you won’t let me see her. Grow up.”

“Sending that guy my number. Your daughter is going to hate you when she wakes up,” Gordon added. “It’s not like you know her anyways. What’s her favorite color? What’s her favorite smell, movie, food? You don’t know. I forgive you, she won’t.”

The screen shot does not indicate when Gordon sent the messages, but his tweet suggested he expected “trouble,” which is probably why he deleted it roughly 30 minutes after posting.

Nick Gordon Bobby Brown Text ScreenshotGordon, who was living with Whitney Houston‘s daughter when she was found unconscious in a bathtub filled with water on Jan. 31, has been banned from visiting her at the Atlanta hospital where she remains on life support.

As prospects for Bobbi Kristina’s recovery continue to grow grim, Gordon has become more vocal on social media and through his lawyers about being separated from his girlfriend.

“Let me in the hospital to see my girl and let her hear my voice and SHE WILL WAKE UP!!!,” Gordon tweeted Saturday night.

The tweet drew a fast and pointed response from Bobby Brown’s attorney, Christopher Brown.

“To address the continued and never ending media requests for comment about Mr. Gordon’s requests to visit Bobbi Kristina, let me be very clear, Mr. Gordon was offered an opportunity to potentially visit Bobbi Kristina and he declined to meet the terms of any possible visit,” the lawyer said. “We are only concerned with individuals that can help Bobbi Kristina and bring resolution to this investigation. Obviously Mr. Gordon is not as desperate to visit Bobbi Kristina as he wants the world to believe.”

In another statement to the media, the lawyer explained that the “terms” included “inform[ing] Bobby Brown, in writing, what happened to Bobbi Kristina.”

Although Gordon was among the two men who discovered an unresponsive Bobbi Kristina last month, he is being investigated by police in the ongoing case.

“I believe Nick Gordon will be charged with this,” Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, Leolah Brown, said during a recent television interview. “I hope that he will be charged with this, as well. Soon. I really do.”