Nick Jonas’ Media Blitz Kicks Off With Nightclub, Ryan Seacrest Stripteases (Video)

The youngest Jonas gave his gay fans an eyeful at a New York nightclub, probably so they’ll buy his new single “Jealous”

Nick Jonas shirtless

Nick Jonas‘ obliteration of his squeaky-clean Disney origins continued Tuesday night at New York gay club BPM. The 21-year-old was on hand to promote his new single “Jealous” as well as his upcoming DirecTV series “Kingdom.” Fans danced to his solo track during the club’s “gay college night.”

While standing on a podium, Jonas opened up his button-down shirt to give his fans a close-up view of his chiseled abs and pecs. With nearly naked dancers on both sides of him, Jonas flexed his muscles to the crowd.

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The next morning, Ryan Seacrest, who is broadcasting his radio show from New York this week for the launch of his clothing line “Distinction,” welcomed Jonas onto the program. With a throng of onlookers outside the glass studio, Seacrest presented Jonas with a new shirt and asked him to try it on.

Jonas promptly removed his T-shirt completely as cameras from his fans flashed outside.

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“It took some convincing but he finally gave in (and we’re glad he did!)” Seacrest said on his YouTube channel.

Well done, Seacrest. You can see the sexiness for yourself in the videos below.