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Nick Jonas Stalkers Barged In on ‘Goat’ Set, Star Says (Video)

Ben Schnetzer tells TheWrap the college hazing drama was an obstacle course behind the scenes

The subject matter of “Goat” — a week of drunken college hazing and humiliation — is no laughing matter.

But star Ben Schnetzer says lot of funny things happened while he worked on the Paramount indie, which opens in theaters this weekend.

In the film, Schnetzer’s older brother is played by Nick Jonas, an established member of the frat who coaches his younger sibling through a barrage of booze and gross feats assigned to so-called “goat” pledges.

It is the pop star’s most serious film to date. But Schnetzer said Jonas’ legions of fans didn’t exactly leave him alone to focus on the role.

“You would see girls hiding behind cars, literally hiding behind trees with their cell phones out,” Schnetzer told TheWrap.

Directed by Andrew Neel, “Goat” also features young actors Gus Halper, Danny Flaherty and Jake Picking. There is a cameo by James Franco — who also produced.

Among the other unexpected things that happened on set:

1. Franco delivered some unscripted slaps.
The very busy “127 Hours” actor showed up on set for one day to film his cameo as an older college alum paying a visit to his old frat. In the film, he slaps Schnetzer’s character — something the young actor wasn’t expecting as it wasn’t in the script, he revealed to TheWrap.

2. A real goat caused major problems.
The film features a real, live goat — which serves as the frat’s mascot in the film. As Schnetzer recalls in the video above, the animal was very uncooperative.

3. The actors were O’Doul’s poster boys.
The actors drank copious amounts of the aforementioned near-beer while making the movie.

4. Schnetzer and Jonas got drunk with real frat boys to prepare.
Filmmakers rented out a local bar and invited nearby fraternity brothers to join their actors in a night of heavy drinking. “We just went really hard one night,” said Schnetzer.

“Goat” opens in select theaters this weekend.