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Nick Kroll Adopts Fake Right Wing Persona to Complain About PC Sharks on ‘Kimmel’ (Video)

We laughed

Comedian Nick Kroll (star of Netflix’s “Big Mouth”) was the guest host on Friday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and during his opening monologue he went off on a fun tangent in which he adopted a fake right wing commentator persona to talk about sharks.

OK, we get that’s kind of a mouthfull but there’s no easy way to sum it up. The main takeaway here is that Kroll clearly wanted to talk about a shark-related thing he considers ridiculous and decided to mock cancel-culture obsessed right wingers in the process. And it was pretty funny.

The bit was inspired by the news recently that in Australia, there’s an effort to retire the term “attack” to describe every violent interaction between humans and sharks, and instead refer to such incidents with more clinical euphemisms like “incidents” or “negative encounter.”

Kroll brought that up in the monologue and used it to kick off a segment he called “Kroll Me a River” in order to joke about it.

“Well, it finally happened folks. The coastal justice warriors are trying to PC the Seven Seas,” he said as he started up the gag. “But, you know- maybe I’m old school, but back in my day sharks were sharks. What are they supposed to do? File down their teeth and ask for consent? Kroll Me A River!”

“You know, when Jaws was gobbling up horny skinny-dippers, we didn’t say, ‘Um, excuse me, time to check your great white privilege!’ We said, ‘Thank you for your service!’ OK?” Kroll continued. “I can hear the loony liberals now: ‘You’re just perpetuating shark stereotypes – we can’t make other species feel othered!’ Kroll Me A River!”

“And if you’re about to write in and say, ‘Aquatic carnivores are canceled!’ Spare me, okay! These sharks are predators just like my friend and alleged piece of human shit, Matt Gaetz – and proud of it. Okay,” he added.

“So let’s not turn Shark Week…into Shark Weak,” Kroll joked. “Get out of here and Kroll Me A River.”

And just in case it wasn’t clear what sort of commentator he was mocking, he added: “Hey writer. Hey writer. This would be a great segment for my Gutfeld packet, right?”