‘Graves’ Star Nick Nolte Recalls Meeting Donald Trump, Arguing Who Has Better Hair

Fall TV Preview: “He thought mine was too fine and blond, and I thought his was too coarse and red,” actor tells TheWrap

A version of this story about Nick Nolte first appeared in the print edition of TheWrap Magazine’s Fall TV Issue.

At age 75, Nick Nolte is back, this time as an ex-president.

In “Graves,” the new series from Epix debuting in mid-October, the Oscar-nominated star of “The Prince of Tides” plays Richard Graves, who many years after he leaves politics launches a quest to solve the problems he believes his administration caused.

How are things?
Well, I’m awfully old. Otherwise, I’m doing pretty good.

A lot of people think this show is about Ronald Reagan.
No. There are touches of Reagan in it. There are touches of every president that I’ve known. There’s a lot of [Lyndon Baines] Johnson in him.

Was making a series a lot different than working on a film?
I’ve done it before. “Rich Man, Poor Man” covered the entire book.

Did you do any research for the part of “Graves”?
My preparation was just jogging my memory about each president. I had 60 years of watching presidents, and the difficulty presidents faced in different situations.

Sela Ward plays your wife. Will there be a subplot about your marriage?
Next season, if they pick it up, is gonna be Sela running for Senator.

Graves is a president who ran into trouble over his tough immigration policy. Reminds one of the current presidential election, doesn’t it?
Yes, I know! We didn’t anticipate this. I don’t think anybody did.

We hear you’ve met Donald Trump.
My second wife — third wife, I believe, third wife — reminded me that I had a half-hour discussion with Trump once in New York.

It was just after he had married Marla Maples. It was all about who had the best hair. He thought mine was too fine and blond, and I thought his was too coarse and red. I vaguely remember it.

“Graves” begins streaming Oct. 16 on  Epix.

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