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Nicole Kidman Shows Off Her Serious Bug-Eating Skills: ‘I’m Telling You, I’d Win ‘Survivor’ (Video)

Oscar-winning actress downs four-course meal of creepy crawlies without gagging once

Nicole Kidman is telling no big (or little) lies when it comes to her extraordinary ability to swallow bugs — and keep them down.

That’s exactly what the Oscar- and Emmy-winning actress did for a new edition of Vanity Fair’s “Secret Talent Theatre.”

As the latest celeb to appear in the magazine’s new video series, Kidman shared her special skill by eating a four-course meal of crickets, fried grasshoppers and other insects the average person would gag over.

“Extraordinary,” “very moist,” “chewy,” “like a hairy nut,” and “like nothing you’d ever tasted” are some of the ways she described her exotic meal. “I’m telling you, I’d win ‘Survivor,’” she boasted.

See the video above.