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Nicole Kidman on Physical Transformation in ‘Destroyer': ‘It’s My Job to Push Through’ (Video)

TIFF 2018: Oscar winner tells TheWrap she hopes prosthetics for role don’t distract from her performance

In the upcoming film “Destroyer,” Nicole Kidman is barely recognizable, donning prosthetics that change her nose and bone structure to play a Los Angeles cop traumatized by an undercover operation gone wrong. But Kidman told TheWrap she hopes her face doesn’t take the audience’s attention from her performance.

“As an actor, I’m so protective of my characters, so it hurts my feelings if the nose is…about that performance,” the actress said at the Toronto International Film Festival. “If it’s brought down to the physical, then I didn’t do my job properly.”

Kidman knows all too well how a physical attribute can cause a stir — having famously donned a bulbous prosthetic nose for her role as 20th-century author Virginia Woolf in the 2002 drama “The Hours.”

“It’s my job to push through all of that,” Kidman told TheWrap’s Matt Donnelly.

nicole kidman destroyer

Nicole Kidman in “Destroyer” (Annapurna)

“Destroyer” tells the bitter tale of Erin Bell, an LAPD detective whose life was shattered by a gang she tried to enter undercover 17 years ago. While the circumstances of that mission are not immediately revealed, what is revealed early on is that the leader of that gang (Toby Kebbell) is back in L.A., and Erin is determined to track him down.

Watch Kidman’s remarks along with comments from director Karyn Kusama in the video above.