Nikki Glaser Reveals the Tom Brady Joke She Pulled From Her Roast Set ‘Last Minute’ | Video

The comedian also tells the ABC host she thought Kim Kardashian was “off-limits”

Nikki Glaser quickly became one of the highlights of Netflix’s roast of Tom Brady on Sunday night, but as it turns out, she didn’t make every joke she had planned. As she explained on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” there was one joke in particular she pulled out of her set at the last second.

While up on the dais, the comedian poked fun at Brady’s divorce — joking he has eight rings now, after his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen returned hers — as well as how much money he lost thanks to cryptocurrency. But, in recounting the night with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night, Glaser acknowledged that she “threw” herself at Brady.

Kimmel sympathized though, joking that he also throws himself at the former quarterback each time he’s on the show. And that prompted Glaser to reveal one punchline she pulled back on.

“It’s insane to look at. He’s unreal,” Glaser said. “One of my jokes, I was gonna say he’s like A.I. but without the intelligence.”

The joke earned a huge response from the audience, even cracking up Kimmel himself. But, Glaser quickly explained that “I do think he’s smart though, so I pulled it last minute.”

Naturally, Kimmel wanted to know if there were any other jokes about Tom Brady that Glaser also held off on making. She didn’t reveal anymore, but she did admit she was shocked at one particular line of jokes Brady and the others made themselves.

“One of the moments that I went ‘Oh, we can go there?’ He went after — he did a joke about Kim Kardashian, who was there,” Glaser explained. “Who I thought was kind of off-limits, right? Because I just — she’s here, she takes enough of a beating, she’s not on the stage.”

Indeed, Brady joked during the roast that Kardashian was probably “terrified” to be there, not because she’d become a target, but because it would mean “her kids are at home with their dad.” (Their dad is, of course, Ye, formerly known as Kanye West).

You can watch Glaser’s full appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in the video above.


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