Nikki Glaser Felt Like ‘Taylor Swift for a Day’ After Tom Brady Roast: ‘Next Time People Talk About Me as Much Is if I Die Tragically’ | Video

“Nothing will ever even get close to this, no matter what I do in my career,” the comedian says

Nikki Glaser quickly became the standout performer at Netflix’s roast of Tom Brady, and according to the comedian, she felt like “Taylor Swift for a day” afterward, thanks to all the attention she was getting. At this point, Glaser thinks the next time she’ll get this much attention “is if I die tragically.”

Stopping by “Late Night” on Tuesday night to discuss her new special, which is actually a roast of herself, Glaser noted that the feedback on her set — in which she poked fun at Tom Brady losing so much money in cryptocurrency, his divorce and more — has been “insane.”

“It’s been the best week of my life. Nothing will ever even get close to this, no matter what I do in my career,” Glaser said. “It’s unprecedented that you get this much attention as a comedian for something you do. I think the next time people are talking about me as much is if I die tragically. I think that’s the only way that my face will be everywhere. Like, I opened my phone and my face was showing up! Like, that doesn’t — I was Taylor Swift for a day.”

Glaser noted that she knew it had gone well when she saw her phone lighting up with notifications, with her text messages climbing into the hundreds range. But she didn’t expect to be crowned the “winner” of it, since roasts don’t usually have winners, per se.

“It was treated, because it was celebrating Tom Brady, like an athletic endeavor of like, there has to be a winner,” Glaser explained. “So it was a weird thing to walk out of and people being like ‘You’ve won!’ I was like, ‘I didn’t even know this was a competition!’ But it is awesome to have won one thing in my life.”

You can watch Nikki Glaser’s full interview with Seth Meyers in the video above.


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