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Lindsay Lohan Heads Back to Jail

Judge orders probation-breaking actress to correctional facility until Oct. 22


She failed her drug tests, and now Lindsay Lohan is heading back to jail for at least a month.

In a short hearing in Beverly Hills, Judge Elden Fox remanded the now-well-versed-in-court-procedures actress into custody Friday morning for violating the conditions of her probation.

Lohan, who showed up in a conservative black jacket and cream skirt with her mother, Dina Lohan, and lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, was handcuffed and calmly taken by sheriff's officials directly to the correctional facility in Lynwood, California.

She will be there, the judge said, until a formal probation violation hearing on Oct. 22.

Though some expected Lohan would get bail at Friday’s hearing and not actually go to jail, this didn’t come as a complete surprise to Lohan, her warring parents or her lawyers. They always knew the actress, could get 30 days behind bars if she failed her drug tests.

At an Aug. 25 hearing,  Fox ruled that as but one condition of her revised probation, the actress must submit to two random drug tests a week. At the time Fox made it very clear that if Lohan was to miss or fail a single substance abuse test, it would constitute a violation of her probation

At that same hearing, which was one day after Lohan got out of in-patient rehab at UCLA 68 days early, Fox ruled that Lohan must attend psychotherapy sessions four times a week, as well as 12-step programs five times a week and various other therapeutic outpatient sessions.

Lohan admitted via Twitter that she “did in fact fail my most recent drug test,” after reports spread across the web on Sept. 17. The negative results allegedly showed traces of cocaine and the prescription medication Adderall.

On Sept. 20, Fox evoked some of those consequences and revoked Lohan’s probation and issued, as other judges have before, a bench warrant issued for her arrest.

In a brief press conference outside the court Lindsay’s estranged father Michael Lohan, who divorced Lindsay’s mother Dina in 2005, called thedecision “a horrible situation.” The senior Lohan, who has had his own share of legal troubles and has been advocating a long rehab stint for Lindsay, said, “Jail is not good for anyone” and lashed out at lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley and others in his daughter’s circle. “They are destroying my daughter’s life,” Michael Lohan said.

Shawn Chapman Holley did not respond to TheWrap immediately for a response to the accusations.