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No, the White House Isn’t Selling ‘Trump Defeats COVID’ Coins

The White House gift shop is selling the merchandise, but is not actually affiliated with the Trump administration

Social media lit up with posts about the White House gift shop’s offerings after President Donald Trump left Walter Reed Medical Center Monday. The gift shop started advertising “President Donald J. Trump Defeats COVID” coins over the weekend.

The gift shop, however, is not affiliated with the White House.

The “historic moments in history” coin is available only through the gift shop, which PolitiFact points out is under the operation of a private company.

In spite of that, posts on social media have inaccurately accused the administration of profiting from Trump’s diagnosis with the virus that has killed over 200,000 Americans.

I think this whole thing is a scam,” wrote one Twitter user Sunday. “How did they know he was going to recover? And just when did they mint this celebratory coin?”

Others just used laughing emojis to convey their thoughts about “Trump” selling the coins.

“I am pleased to announce the pre-release of the final commemorative art coin in the Historic Moments in History Series, a new commemorative that vividly shows President Trump’s historic presidential candidacy win, itself, from his descent on the elevator in Trump Tower, against a veritable army of superb Republican presidential candidates confluent with taunts, jeers, sneers by Media naysayers–to present day with design motifs of President Trump’s ascendance over and personal defeat of the deadly COVID pandemic virus,” wrote designer and creator Anthony Giannini, CEO of the USAF-R, on the gift shop’s website.

The coins are available for pre-order and cost $100.