NY Times Senior Editor Tom Wright-Piersanti Apologizes and Deletes Past ‘Offensive’ Tweets

Wright-Persanti says he is “deeply sorry” for the now-deleted messages, which reference Jews

Tom Wright-Piersanti, a senior editor at the New York Times, said Thursday that he is “deeply” sorry for some past tweets and that they have been deleted.

“I have deleted tweets from a decade ago that are offensive. I am deeply sorry,” he wrote.

Tweets cited by Breitbart no longer appear on Wright-Piersanti’s page and include a January 2010 message saying, “I was going to say ‘Crappy Jew Year,’ but one of my resolutions is to be less anti-Semitic. So… HAPPY Jew Year. You Jews.”

Another seemingly deleted tweet reported by Breitbart references the “Jew-police.”

Two that have not been deleted make jokes about individuals of Indian descent and Mohawk Indians.

“There are four indian guys with mohawks in this one class, and each one is a douche in his own awful way. I hate mohawk Indians,” says the first tweet.

“I don’t hate Mohawk Indians, though. I love those guys. I just hate Indians with mohawks. Different indians, different mohawks,” says the second.

A New York Times spokesperson told TheWrap, “We are aware of these tweets, which are a clear violation of our standards. We are reviewing next steps.”