NYTVF Announces Award Winners

Nineteen development deals announced

The New York Television Festival, which brings together independent TV producers with networks and studios, announced its winners Saturday.

The networks, studios and other companies participating in the festival are handing out 26 development deals this year. They include seven deals handed out through the festival's Pitch Partners competition, five from Lifetime, and additional deals with Fox, Samsung, A&E, IFC, MTV, VH1 and SyFy.


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Six development deals were previously announced.


Here are the winners announced Saturday.


Pitch Partner awards:

– Sundance Channel: “I Want A New Life"” created by Stephen Soroka and Will Bozarth (New York, NY)

– Red Arrow International: “Barely Legal” created by Kynan Griffin and Jason Faller (Provo, UT)

– BIO Channel: “Para-Not-So-Normal” created by Nick Armstrong and Trevor Tevel (Los Angeles, CA)

– Channel 4: “Celebrities Solving Crimes” created by Melge Media (Brooklyn, NY)

– Hasbro Studios: “Buckle and Swash” created by Sarah Courtauld (London, UK)

– Logo: “Burly Q's” created by Carrie Preston and Daisy 3 Pictures (New York, NY)

– truTV: “Lords of the Land: NYC” created by Frank Mosca (City Island, NY)

Fox Comedy Script Contest: “Here to Stay” from Andrew Shafer (New York, NY)

A&E Unscripted Development Pipeline: “Private Eyes” (originally titled “Deadbeats”) from Frank Mosca, John Morena, Stephen Franciosa Jr., and Vinny Parco (New York, NY)

Finalists in the Lifetime Unscripted Development Pipeline:

– “American Bombshells” from Steven Ryan (New York, NY)

– “Cake Lush to the Stars” from Cee French Harth, Paul Harth and Jeff Schubert (New York, NY)

– “Comediennes” from Tim Paul (Chicago, IL)

– “Junk Mom” from Pat Taggart (Philadelphia, PA)

– “Ladies on the Loose” from Jenn Dlugos and Andrea Henry (Boston, MA)

2012 Independent Pilot Competition Sponsored Awards:

– IFC “Out of the Box” Award: “Hamsters” from Damian Lanigan (Brooklyn, NY)

– MTV Comedy Development Deal: “Galaxy Comics” from Kevin McMullin and Jacey Heldrich (New York, NY)

– Syfy “Imagine Greater” Award: “Time Trials” from Lee Jordan and Clay Lapari (Los Angeles, CA)

– VH1 “Theory of Creativity” Award: “Actors Anonymous” from René Ashton (Studio City, CA)

– Amazon Studios Audience Award: “Captain Cornelius Cartoon's Cartoon Lagoon” from Manny Galán (New York, NY)

Additional IPC winners:

– NYTVF Critics Award: “Shrink” from Ted Tremper (Chicago, IL)

– Best Comedy Pilot: “Shrink” from Ted Tremper (Chicago, IL)

– Best Drama or Dramedy Pilot: “Books” from Joe Webb (Los Angeles, CA)

– Best Animation Pilot: “Pockets Universe” from John Cantlie and Edmond Melnychuk (Richmond, BC)

– Best Web Series Pilot: “Lovin' Lakin” from Dave Mahanes and Christine Lakin (Los Angeles, CA)

– Best Nonscripted Pilot: “Newton's Law” from Sean O'Riordan (London, UK)

– Best Actress: Zandy Hartig in “American Viral” (New York, NY)

– Best Actor: Jonathan Pessin in “In Session with Jonathan Pessin” (Los Angeles, CA)

– Nonscripted Character or Host: Alec Pinkston in “How to Get Lost” (Chicago, IL)

– Best Directing: (tie) Kevin McMullin for “Galaxy Comics” (New York, NY) and John Lyde for “The Shadow Cabal” (Provo, UT)

-Best Writing: Scott Eckert, Chris Grace, Rich Hollman, Chris O'Brien, and Nate Williams for “Actualized” (New York, NY)

Samsung Second Screen Storytellers Challenge: “D-TEC” from Joseph Saroufim, Peter Saroufim, and Stephen Interrante (Los Angeles, CA)