Obama Speech During NFL Game Fuels Twitter Racism: ‘Take That N—– Off the TV’

College football player kicked off team after Deadspin reports his use of N-word

Last Updated: December 17, 2012 @ 7:59 AM

All it takes is the president giving a speech during an NFL game to bring out some of America's dumbest racists.

Deadspin catalogued N-word-laced tweets from several football fans who objected to President Obama addressing the Newtown, Conn. murders during gametime Sunday. (A few of the tweets collected by Deadspin are below.)

One of the tweeters, a University of North Alabama uninvited walk-on named Bradley Patterson, was reportedly cut from the team after tweeting, "Take that n—– off the tv, we wanna watch football!"

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Patterson, who used the handle 2A_HogOfTheYear, will now be watching his own team from the stands, AL.com reported. (If someone else was logged in as Patterson, or this wasn't really his account, then wow, talk about a bad day.)

"Thx 2 everyone who brought to our attention," a North Alabama official posted in response to Patterson's tweet. "@unaathletics does not condone. He is no longer a member of the team."

The handful of racist tweets documented by Deadspin reflect only a small minority of the millions of Americans who watched Obama's speech. Among other shows, the speech cut into "Sunday Night Football," the most-watched program in the country. That guaranteed it would reach a vast cross-section of Americans, including the dumbest ones.

Deadspin's post — which itself has been widely tweeted — showed that at least a few people, in 2012, are still willing to make racist remarks in a public forum likely to be seen by friends, neighbors, prospective employers, and anyone else who cares to look.

If your name is Bradley Patterson, but you aren't that Bradley Patterson, and you have a first date tonight, well, good luck to you.

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