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'OJ: Made in America': How to Watch ESPN's OJ Simpson Doc

Show will air on ABC and ESPN, as well as online

ESPN is confident enough in its new OJ Simpson documentary, "OJ: Made in America," that's airing it on Saturday night -- usually a TV dead zone because so many viewers are away from their screens.

Oh, and lest you be confused, it will premiere on ABC -- ESPN's corporate cousin.

Ezra Edelman's five-part, seven-hour-and-45 minute documentary will air on the two networks over a week. It will also be available online. And to qualify for Oscar nominations, it recently ran in movie theaters.

But you just want to watch it. Here's how and where to do it. Be warned -- you'll have to switch from ABC to ESPN to catch the second episode, which airs Tuesday.

Here's the TV schedule:

Saturday, June 11

9/8c on ABC - Part 1 - Premiere

Tuesday, June 14

7 ET/4 PT on ESPN - Part 1 - Re-air

9 ET/6 PT on ESPN - Part 2 - Premiere

Wednesday, June 15

7 ET/4 PT on ESPN - Part 2 - Re-air

9 ET/6 PT on ESPN - Part 3 - Premiere

Friday, June 17

7 ET/4 PT on ESPN - Part 3 - Re-air

9 ET/6 PT on ESPN - Part 4 - Premiere

Saturday, June 18

7 ET/4 PT on ESPN - Part 4 - Re-air

9 ET/6 PT  on ESPN - Part 5 - Premiere of finale


All five parts are available on WatchESPN on Tuesday, June 14 -- but you'll need to provide authentication of a qualifying cable provider.

The premiere will also be available on Hulu on Tuesday, June 12.