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Mark Fuhrman on OJ Simpson Parole Board ‘Fix': They Wanted Rid of Him

”The parole board was lied to,“ Fuhrman tells Fox News about Thursday’s hearing

Former Los Angeles detective Mark Fuhrman claims that the members of the Nevada parole board had already made up their minds to free O.J. Simpson, regardless of what he told them during Thursday’s hearing.

Fuhrman, who has provided analysis for Fox News on the Simpson case, told the cable news channel show “The Story With Martha MacCallum” that it was “shocking” that the parole board believed Simpson’s story about the 2007 Las Vegas robbery, including that he didn’t know guns would be used and that all of the belongings he took were his own. Simpson was granted parole from the Nevada prison system on Thursday and is free as of Oct. 1.

“The parole board was lied to, and yet it seemed not to matter, almost like this was a foregone conclusion — O.J. Simpson is going to be out Oct. 1,” Fuhrman said. “Let’s call it what it is: The fix was in. They wanted rid of Mr. Simpson. They were going to parole him. Nothing he said would probably make any difference.”

Fuhrman said that Simpson’s speech showed he’s a “classic sociopath, a narcissist, maybe even a psychopath.”

“He cut the mother-of-his-children’s throat, almost through all the way to cut her head off, while they [the children] were sleeping upstairs,” Fuhrman continued. “It just boggles my mind how a man can actually live with that.”

Fuhrman was part of the investigation of the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The detective’s previous use of racial epithets was cited by Simpson’s defense team and helped to get the football star acquitted on murder charges.