Why OK GO’s ‘One Moment’ Music Video Is a Record Breaker

Band could single-handedly save MTV

Editor’s Note: Plenty of acoustic guitars were harmed during the making of this music video.

Whether or not you dig OK GO’s sound, one must respect their approach to making music videos. The band’s latest, “One Moment,” is no exception. It’s also a record-breaker, per Rolling Stone.

How so, you ask? No, it’s not a new high-water mark in video views — not yet, at least. “One Moment,” which ends with a nod to Morton Salt’s Walk Her Walk initiative, was filmed in just 4.2 seconds. That minuscule amount of footage — the record we mentioned — was slowed down quite a bit to fill out the entire song.

With just a hair over four seconds to play with, the devil has never been more in the details. In the video, band members get soaked with water and paint — lots and lots of paint. Glass is shattered, as are like a dozen guitars.

Some of this stuff was slowed down by 20,000 percent, if TheWrap readers can wrap their brains around that.

These guys were destined for a different era, when MTV actually played music and the art of the video was paramount to success. Watch OK GO’s “One Moment” above, stretched out over many moments.