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‘Okja': iPic Theaters to Offer Vegetarian-Only Menu for Netflix Movie

This South Korean adventure could be the new ”Babe“

Netflix and iPic Theaters have teamed up to offer an all-vegetarian menu for screenings of “Okja,” Bong Joon Ho’s Cannes favorite about a giant pig and the young girl who loves the creature.

“Okja” centers on Mija, a defiant child who attempts to rescue her best friend — an enormous but seemingly gentle pig-like creature named Okja — from the clutches of a large corporation that wants to harm her.

The menu will offer an array of meatless dishes, from “Warm Cheddar Drop Biscuits” to “Roasted Veggie Kabobs” to a tantalizing “Sticky Caramel Coffee Cake.”

Just as “Babe” did in 1995,”Okja” could inspire a new generation of vegetarians. According to Vice, James Cromwell, who played the farmer in “Babe,” converted to veganism after filming wrapped on the beloved classic. After seeing the plight of a cute, little pig who didn’t want to be eaten, many others also eschewed meat from their plates.

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“Okja” and its accompanying iPic menu could also reinforce the plight of pigs and other animals. Conveniently, the song that plays in the background of the film’s trailer is a Nine Inch Nails song called “Piggy.”

iPic Theaters is an upscale cinema chain in the U.S. that offers in-theater food and beverage service.
“Okja” is set to premiere on June 28 on Netflix and will play in select theaters.
View the full menu below.