Olbermann Promises ‘First Tweet’ Just as O’Donnell Takes Over His Time Slot

Olbermann tweets to look out for another tweet at 8 p.m. ET

Keith Olbermann isn't exactly letting the successor to his time slot get settled in.

The "Countdown" host tweeted Monday he would issue his "first tweet" at 8 p.m. Monday — just as Lawrence O'Donnell takes over his former MSNBC time slot.

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Olbermann didn't say whether the tweet would address his announcement on the air Friday that that night's show would be his last.

"At exactly 8 Eastern tonight I will issue my first tweet. Well, other than THIS one :)," he tweeted.

Olbermann's busy Twitter feed has been unusually silent since his announcement Friday. It was stripped of references to MSNBC, and the message "WATCH THIS SPACE," was replaced with, "You might very well think so; I could not possibly comment."

It's a line used on the British show "House of Cards" to acknowledge something without overtly acknolwedging it, according to The Huffington Post.