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Olivia Newton-John Reacts to Infamous ‘Grease’ Fan Theory: ‘It’s So Far From Reality’ (Video)

”I thought, ‘If that’s the case, then we were the first zombie musical,“ actress says of theory that Sandy was dead in the 1978 hit

Olivia Newton-John has broken her silence on the fan theory that has plagued her 1978 hit “Grease” for years.

The actress, who played Sandy in the musical, offered her thoughts this week on a long-standing and recently-resurfaced theory that her character was actually dead in the film.

“I laughed,” Newton-John recalled of hearing the story. “I thought it was hilarious. I thought it was also wonderful that people were still talking about it all these years later.”

After her initial chuckle, the actress said, she came to a realization.

“I thought, ‘If that’s the case, then we were the first zombie musical, and we look pretty good considering!'” Newton-John added during an interview for AOL.

The theory, which gained steam again last month, holds that Sandy essentially dies drowning — meaning John Travolta‘s character Danny didn’t save her, splashing around — and the rest of the film is essentially her coma dream. At the end, the perfect Sandra Dee ascends to heaven in the flying car.

Ultimately, the star deemed the theory “so far from reality.”

“It’s so far from reality because that’s not what it was, but I think it’s a hilarious theory,” she said.

Watch Newton-John discuss in the video.