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Olivia Wilde Comes Between Jason Bateman and Billy Crudup in ‘The Longest Week’ Trailer (Video)

A love triangle between two best friends and the woman they’re both interested in sits at the heart of this independent film

Jason Bateman finally gets cut off at the tender age of 40 in the trailer for “The Longest Week.” He plays a spoiled rich kid who’s never had to take responsibility for his own life who suddenly finds himself on his own after his parents decide enough is enough.

He moves in with his best friend, played by Billy Crudup, and everything seems like it might just work out. That is, until Olivia Wilde‘s character shows up.

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Crudup had met Wilde and was enamored with her, but she and Bateman had already met on the subway. There, it was Wilde who was enamored with Bateman, slipping him her digits. And thus, a love triangle is formed at the heart of the film.

Crudup demands Bateman not pursue Wilde, but that’s not how these kinds of movies work. She’s beautiful and she’s into him, and the heart and body are going to do what they do.

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I’d say hilarity ensues, but there wasn’t much in the way of laughs in the film’s trailer, so it’s still a bit unclear what kind of tone the film is going for. I’ll go with gentle.

“The Longest Week” also stars Jenny Slate. It was Written and directed by Peter Glanz, based on a story he developed with Juan Iglesias. Produced by Uday Chopra and Neda Armian, Gravitas Ventures will release the YRF Entertainment film to theaters on September 5 in limited release.

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