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‘Once Upon a Time': Roni and Lucy Set Out to Save Henry With ‘Operation Bromance’ (Exclusive Video)

The plot of the final season of the ABC fantasy series thickens over a cup of hot cocoa

The series finale of “Once Upon a Time” may be on the horizon, but the story isn’t over just yet. In fact, Friday’s episode sees yet another “operation” begin that will propel us toward the close of Season 7.

In the preview clip above, which is exclusive to TheWrap, Roni (Lana Parrilla) consoles Lucy (Alison Fernandez), who is more than little upset about not being about to confide in her father, Henry (Andrew J. West), anymore.

Jacinda (Dania Ramirez) comes to Roni’s to pick up a to go order, and leaves her daughter behind to take a call. Roni sees Lucy is distraught over what Ivy (Adelaide Kane) has done to her father, but says she can’t do much to help until she gets her hands on some magic.

“Keeping your mom and dad apart keeps him alive,” Roni reminds Lucy.

So she does the next best thing: offers her a cup of hot cocoa (a favorite treat of the Charming bloodline) and a new plan that just might be crazy enough to work.

She tells Lucy that while Henry may be a loner now, before the curse he had some pretty great fairytale BFFs, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Jack (Nathan Parsons) — or Detective Rogers and Nick, as this world knows them. Now if they can get that gang back together, things could start going their way again.

And of course, being Henry’s daughter, Lucy already has a name for their new operation.

Watch the clip above.

A new episode of “Once Upon a Time” airs Friday at 8/7 c on ABC.