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One Batman’s Story: Hollywood Hates Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star

Stomping, fake poop, and now a swastika: all have befallen Trump’s star

Even Batman is helpless to protect Donald Trump’s star.

Austin Franklin, an actor who spends his days patrolling Hollywood Boulevard dressed as the Dark Knight, has seen a lot of mockery for a lot of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But no star, he says, is as despised as Trump’s.

On Friday, Franklin — let’s just call him Batman — was among those who saw a swastika that had been painted on Trump’s star at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard.

“I’ve never seen this kind of hate put on a star before, not even Bill Cosby,” Batman told TheWrap.

The vandalism was quickly cleaned up, but not before someone posted a shot of it on Reddit. The star, which the Republican presidential candidate and “Apprentice” host received in 2007, was bright and shiny again by Saturday morning.

But the swastika is only the latest abuse of the star. Batman has seen “at least 50” tourists stomping their feet on Trump’s star as they walked by.

“Some people pretend to take a dump on it as they pose for pictures,” Batman said.

Picture them a moment: Hollywood elites, stooping to fake-poop on a star.

In September, Trump’s star was crossed out in yellow. In December, someone wrote “Rapist” on Bill Cosby‘s star.

As Batman spoke with TheWrap, a group of tourists walked by and stomped on Trump’s star.

“Only in Hollywood,” Batman said.

Short of actual polling, there is no way to judge how other people of Hollywood Boulevard feel about other presidential candidates: None have a Walk of Fame star.