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‘Onward’ Trailer: Tom Holland Accidentally Casts a Shrinking Spell on Chris Pratt in Latest Pixar Film (Video)

Julia Louis Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer also star in animated movie arriving March 6, 2020

Magic exists — or at least it used to — in the mythical world of the new Pixar animated movie “Onward.” But the new generation still needs some practice with magic, and it ends up with Tom Holland’s character trying to grow a gas can, only for his spell to spectacularly backfire.

“It worked! The can is huge! And the van is huge! And you’re … oh no,” Chris Pratt says in a little pipsqueak voice after his brother has accidentally shrunk him instead.

“Onward” tells the story of a world of mythical creatures that used to be full of magic and wonder but now looks just like good ‘ole American suburbia. On his 16th birthday, an elf named Ian Lightfoot and his brother Barley learn that the father Ian never met was actually a wizard and gave them a magical staff that can bring him back to life for one night.

But the spell goes wrong, and they only manage to materialize their dad’s bottom half. Now the two brothers have to go on a journey to redo the spell and bring back their father. Along the way they’re chased by a motorcycle gang of pixies and get into it with a dragon at a family restaurant.

Hitting theaters on March 6, “Onward” is the first of two Pixar movies releasing in 2020, the other being “Soul” opening next summer. Both are original properties after the sequel “Toy Story 4” earlier this year. Dan Scanlon, who directed “Monsters University,” is directing and writing “Onward” that also stars Julia Louis Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer.

Watch the trailer above.