Oprah Winfrey Memoir ‘The Life You Want’ Set for 2017 Release

Media mogul signs deal to launch imprint with Flatiron Books

Oprah Winfrey
Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey is publishing her memoir which will chronicle her incredible life story as well as inspire others to live their best life.

Titled, “The Life You Want,” the book is set for a 2017 release and promises to reveal things about the star never before known.

The media mogul has also signed a deal with Flatiron Books, a division of Macmillan to launch her own imprint. The yet to be named imprint will publish several nonfiction titles per year, chosen by Winfrey. The memoir, revealing “never-before told stories” from Winfrey’s life, will serve as the lead title in January 2017.

“All of my experiences, even the painful ones, have been there to teach me something about life,” Winfrey said in a statement. “I’m still learning and I hope my story inspires other people to live the highest, fullest expression of themselves.”

“We’re deeply honored to publish ‘The Life You Want,’ which is such a remarkable combination of Oprah’s life story and the lessons we can all draw from it for our personal growth,” said Bob Miller, president and publisher of Flatiron Books.

He continued, “We’re also thrilled to give a home to Oprah’s imprint titles. We all know how extraordinary Oprah’s instincts are when it comes to choosing books, instincts borne of her lifelong love of reading and the power of the written word.”