‘Orange Is the New Black’ Star Jason Biggs Spills How and Why He Tried Breast Milk (Video)

“I just wanted to see what the fuss was about. My kid loves it,” Biggs told Conan O’Brien

“Orange Is the New Black” star Jason Biggs brought up trying to sample his wife’s breast milk directly from her breast during an appearance on “Conan,” and launched an entire tangent about full-grown men sampling human milk.

First, let it be known that Biggs’ wife was not down with him sampling the same goods his five month-old child was  sucking down. At least, not directly from the source.

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“I feel like I have a right to it as well, don’t I?” Biggs said while oversharing about the experience during the interview (above) on Monday. “Apparently I don’t, so I just tried it when it was in the bottle.”

The actor didn’t comment on the taste, but was certain he’s not the only guy who has ever tried his wife’s breast milk.

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He was right, because Conan O’Brien‘s comedic sidekick, Andy Richter, took advantage of the opportunity to declare, “I took one sip and I found it repulsive.”

Watch the exchange to see if you think talking about the subject on television is repulsive, or really funny.