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Oscar PowerGrid Face-off: Jessica Chastain vs. Jennifer Lawrence

The two leading ladies are head to head for Best Actress at this year’s Oscars – but how are they doing head to head in the PowerGrid?

Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence are head to head in the Best Actress contest at this year’s Oscars, with each tipped by the experts as the ones to beat in the category.

But how are they doing in a head to head contest on TheWrap’s PowerGrid?

Chastain is ahead of Lawrence, with a rank of 181 on TheWrap’s Actor PowerGrid, while Lawrence comes in at 290. 

Jessica Chastain’s work in “The Help” earned her top honors last year in the Best Supporting Actress category at the Oscars. This year, she is a front-runner for her work in Kathryn Bigelow’s dramatic thriller about the CIA agent who tracked Osama Bin Laden, “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Jennifer Lawrence stunned audiences with her performance as the grieving sex-aholic widow in David O. Russell’s “Silver Linings Playbook.” Before that, she was nominated for an Oscar in 2011 for her role in “Winter’s Bone.”

The Actor PowerScore takes into account Academy Award nominations and wins, along with the commercial success of each actor's movies. 

Chastain currently has a higher score, although Lawrence starred in the global blockbuster "The Hunger Games," because she has done many more projects in the past five years than Lawrence, a key factor in the ranking algorithm. 

Whoever wins on Sunday night will have a higher score the next day. Click on the widgets above to get the full detail on each actor's projects, movie releases and critical success.

 The PowerGrid also ranks movie projects, directors, producers and screenwriters.  

The PowerScores of people and projects are listed in order from highest to lowest on our PowerRank, indicating in order the most powerful people and movie projects in Hollywood.

 While the PowerGrid is not a means of predicting the Oscar, it offers a real-time measure of an individual's clout in the Hollywood ecosystem. 

The PowerScore is an algorithm developed by industry insiders in collaboration with statistician Scott Benecke to determine the most powerful names in Hollywood, in real time.

 The PowerScore fluctuates based on the information put into the ItsontheGrid.com database on a daily basis. Each piece of information, like actor attachments, spec script sales, box office, critics’ scores and, of course, the Academy Awards, will move a score up or down.

Refresh your browser on Monday morning to see whose PowerScore has gone up.