Oscars 2013: ‘In Memoriam’ Snubs Carry Over From Telecast to Web

Actress Lupe Ontiveros' exclusion from both the telecast and online memorial tributes angered some Latinos

Comedian Phyllis Diller, actress Lupe Ontiveros and "The Jeffersons" star Sherman Hemsley were snubbed in the Oscars' time-restricted "In Memoriam" montage on Sunday night.

Getty ImagesAnd they didn't make the cut for an online slideshow, either.

The 85th Academy Awards paid tribute to stars who died in the last year, but with the telecast limited to three-and-a-half hours, many names were omitted from the program.

Since 1993, the segment has honored those contributors to cinema that died in the previous year, a group selected by a small committee of the Academy.

While actors Andy Griffith and Larry Hagman did not appear on the screen in the Dolby Theatre, their names and portraits were posted in a 114-photo gallery on the official Oscars website.

George Clooney had said not everyone would be included as he introduced the segment, reminding the audience: "So for those friends who are on this list tonight, and many others who aren't, we thank you for the memories."

While Ontiveros, Diller and Hemsley were well known for their careers on the small screen, all three had long lists of films under their belts, too.

Ontiveros played a leading role in the 1997 biopic drama "Selena." Diller's credits included films like "A Bug's Life," and, later, multiple documentaries. And Hemsley, while best known for "The Jeffersons" and "All in the Family," appeared most recently in "American Pie Presents: The Book of Love."

But for some Latinos, the exclusion of Ontiveros seemed racially driven.

Sarykarmen Rivera, a reporter and anchor for Telemundo Austin, said the snub showed the "poor representation" of Latinos in Hollywood movies.

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"Latinos: the biggest minority," she tweeted, "the ones watching movies but poor representation tonight even left out Lupe Ontiveros! "

"Oscars Academy: We didn't include Lupe Ontiveros in the In Memoriam segment because we thought she really was a maid!" tweeted Lalo Alcaraz, a Los Angeles-based radio host.

In an op-ed published by CNN.com, filmmaker Alberto Ferreras said that, during an interview with him, Ontiveros complained of the limited roles available to her as a Latina — she played a maid more than 150 times.

Ontiveros played a maid in her most memorable role on "Desperate Housewives" and in the movie "Selena."

"Maybe for the members of the Academy of Motion Pictures, her screen accomplishments were not enough," he wrote. "Perhaps her 35 years in the movie industry representing Latinos with courage and dignity didn't earn her the right to be honored at such a prestigious event."