Why This Year’s Oscar Nominees Won’t Lift the Box Office – or Get Much Bump | Chart

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Between lack of interest, streaming availability and older moviegoers staying home, the Best Picture nominees won’t sell many more tickets

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"Belfast," "Licorice Pizza," "Dune" (Focus; United Artists, Warner Bros.)

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Prior to the pandemic, movie theaters could rely on Oscar-nominated films to drive some amount of box office revenue. That’s not going to happen this year, and with interest in awards shows dropping, that may not be the case going forward.

According to data from Comscore, the seven Best Picture nominees that have reported box office numbers have combined for a North American gross of just $191 million, with 56% of that total coming from the $107 million domestic run of Warner Bros./Legendary’s “Dune.” That’s the lowest total gross for Best Picture nominees on announcement day in the last decade.