Why Ousted ‘Walking Dead’ Boss Frank Darabont Doesn’t Watch It Anymore

Ex-showrunner breaks silence in “Rolling Stone” interview

Outsted “Walking Dead” showrunner Frank Darabont says he hasn’t seen an episode of the zombie drama since he left.

“Because, for the same reason that if the woman that I loved left me for the Pilates instructor and they sent me an invitation to their wedding, for the same reason I wouldn’t go to the wedding, I haven’t seen an episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ since then,” he told Rolling Stone.

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The show had AMC’s highest ratings when it debuted in 2010, and has since become the top-rated scripted show on TV. The magazine reported that AMC cut its budget by $500,000 per episode in Season 2. Darabont parted ways with the show in July 2011 after months of fighting with the network.

“Look, I really haven’t spoken of this yet — I will, I’ll get there — but I had to take some time off after that to really reassess everything, to really get over the emotional devastation of having some truly malevolent people tear asunder a brilliant family that had gathered to create this hit for them,” said Darabont (pictured with “Walking Dead” star Andrew Lincoln, just before his firing).

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“When somebody throws a hand-grenade into that situation, it’s tremendously emotionally trying,” he added.

Rolling Stone interviewed Darabont about his return to television with the upcoming “Mob City,” which includes “Walking Dead” vet Jon Bernthal.

The show is on its second showrunner since Darabont left. Scott Gimple replaced Glen Mazzara, who replaced Darabont.