Out of Rehab, Lindsay Lohan Back in Trouble with the Law (Updated)

Riverside Sheriff says actress could have violated her probation in Dec. 12 in fight at Betty Ford Center; sending report to DA later this week. Lawyer says police should keep their opinion out of the press

Last Updated: January 4, 2011 @ 1:43 PM

Lindsay Lohan may be out of rehab but she’s still in trouble with the law – potentially big “behind bars” trouble.

Investigators at the Riverside Sheriff’s department say they believe the “Machete” actress violated the terms of her probation in getting into a brawl with Betty Ford Center technician Dawn Holland — and they're taking it to the District Attorney.

The incident occurred in the early early morning of Dec. 12 when Holland requested LiLo, who had been serving her latest stint in treatment since late September, to submit to a Breathalyzer test. Lohan’s initial reaction, according to Holland, was not so accommodating – with the 24-year old attacking her and injuring her wrist enough that the now fired Betty Ford staffer, who has since drop her initial desire to press charges, ended up in an emergency ward. Lohan, according to a statement issued by her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley on Dec. 21, then call 911 and the cops showed up.

That’s where things started but that is not where they are going to end in what has become a Battery investigation, say the Riverside Sheriff’s department. 

In a statement put out late Tuesday morning, the police said:

Over the last few weeks, detectives for the Palm Desert Police Department’s Investigations Bureau have been investigating the battery between Ms. Lohan and a Betty Ford Center staff member, Dawn Holland. The lead investigator received a fax confirmation today from Ms. Holland’s attorney that she will no longer be cooperating with the investigation and does not wish to have charges filed with the Riverside County District Attorney’s Indio office for the battery.

This case however will be submitted to the District Attorney’s office as the investigation determined Ms. Lohan violated several aspects of her probation, including the battery. A copy of this investigation will be forwarded to the Los Angeles Probation Office. It is expected that this investigation will be sent to the District Attorney’s office later this week.

The Riverside Sheriff's department weren't the only ones with something to say in the matter.

 "The important, yet limited, investigatory role of the police to gather facts and collect evidence is well-established,” Shawn Chapman Holley told TheWrap early Tuesday afternoon. “The fact that the Palm Desert Police Department went outside this limited role to issue a press statement expressing its opinion about what should happen in Ms. Lohan's case is highly unusual and deeply troubling."

Lohan, who left the Betty Ford as soon as her court ordered stay was up on Jan. 3, could face up to six months in jail, according to terms of her probation announced by Judge Elden Fox in the fall.


Lohan is expected to appear in person at her next scheduled progress hearing in Beverly Hills on Feb. 25. 


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