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Overgrown Kitten Takes a Flying Leap … Into Our Hearts (Video)

One outsized feline attempts to defy gravity — and lands in internet fame

Yes, we're aware that it's National Puppy Day, but since we didn't get the day off yet again this year we're choosing to celebrate this plucky, if perhaps indulgent, feline who's captured our hearts with his thorough — some would say foolhardy — confidence in his ability to fly.

Yes, he could stand to shed a few pounds, but that doesn't stop him from valiantly attempting to leap from his balcony to the building next door.

Does he make it? Of course not. In fact, his quixotic effort to defy gravity despite his own body mass is a little like those Wile E. Coyote cartoons where he charges off a cliff and, in mid-air, suddenly realizes that the only thing under his feet is a whole lot of nothing, and succumbs to the laws of nature. But sometimes the effort is its own reward. Consider that as you watch the video below and prepare to make your own leap from the working week to the weekend.