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Stephen Moyer Has Mixed Feelings About the ‘True Blood’ Finale (Exclusive Video)

”I don’t know whether we’d do the same again,“ actor tells TheWrap

“True Blood” star Stephen Moyer can empathize with fans who had trouble wrapping their heads around the HBO show’s polarizing series finale.

The popular vampire saga, which was based on the books by Charlaine Harris, wrapped up its seven-season run in August 2014 with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) helping a sickly Bill Compton plunge a stake into his own heart. Moyer, who played Bill, tells TheWrap he’s not convinced that the show opted for the best conclusion.

“You’ve got to end a show some way, and at the time, it was explained to me in an interesting way,” Moyer says. “And the idea that my character, Vampire Bill, was giving Sookie life by dying, and the fact that he chooses death in order to give her life, is the ultimate sacrifice of love.”

As for whether the series would stick with that ending if given the chance to try again, the “Shots Fired” actor says, “I don’t know. I think the benefit of hindsight is a great thing that we never get the chance to express or be able to do. I don’t know whether we’d do the same again — I’d think probably not.”

Moyer, who has two children with wife and fellow “True Blood” alum Anna Paquin, adds that he would love for the show to get a reboot, and that he is excited that a “True Blood” musical — featuring music from show composer Nathan Barr — is moving forward.

“We had such an amazing time on that show, and it’s very rare that you meet a bunch of people who are so like-minded and have so much fun,” Moyer says. “There was no ego on that show from anyone — absolutely none — and it made it just the best fun. Those years flew by and were incredible.”

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