‘Scarface’ Gang Thanks Spielberg & Scorsese for Early Support at Reunion Bash

Cast reunites on the eve of the 1983’s Blu-ray release; Emmy party circuit heats up

Al Pacino, Steven Bauer, and “Scarface” producer Marty Bregman all echoed the same refrain at Wednesday’s premiere party for the first ever Blu-ray edition: When the 1983 movie debuted, nobody liked it.

After a New York screening, “I came in to Sardi’s after the screening and the crowd was like wax figures. Liza Minnelli, who hadn’t seen the movie, came up to me and said ‘Al, what did you do to these people?’” Pacino recalled. “Eddie Murphy came right up and said ‘I loved it Al!’”

During another screening, Martin Scorsese apparently turned around to Pacino in the theater and said, “It’s great, but they’re going to hate it in Hollywood.”

Pacino, sporting a headband and beads, took center stage in a “Tony Montana”-emblazoned chair for a cast reunion, surrounded by Bauer, Bregman, and fellow co-stars F. Murray Abraham and Robert Loggia. The cast reunion took place downtown with an invite-only audience of 300 at the Belasco Theater. (Of note, this is the same venue that hosted the star-studded Prince William and Kate BAFTA dinner in July.)

Bregman credited Steven Spielberg for early support. Because Universal did not have a jet at the time, he borrowed the Warner Bros. jet to get to a Texas screening with Spielberg hosted by director Brian De Palma. After Spielberg said, “You got a winner,” he noticed the studio’s attitude towards the film reverse course.

The stars also credited the hip-hop community for getting behind the film and raising it to a cult status. Appropriately, rapper Ludacris took the stage for an intimate performance following the reunion. “You could have chosen any artist in the industry (for the ‘Scarface’ premiere), and you chose me,” he told the smaller crowd that stayed for the show. “I’m a little upset with my Universal people that Michelle Pfeiffer isn’t here.”

Ludacris, a former Atlanta radio personality before breaking big, was not the only radio industry rep. Mike “Psycho Mike” Catherwood, the low-profile radio host who was a surprising choice as a “star” on last season’s “Dancing With the Stars” hosted the panel.

How does Catherwood keep booking high-profile gigs? Catherwood credited the creative family of KROQ morning show “Kevin and Bean” and the hosts themselves. The “family” includes Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, Ralph Garman and Carson Daly. “They never tried to big time me. They always supported me. I wouldn’t be anywhere if they didn’t allow me to get on air, tell jokes, and develop characters, ” Catherwood told TheWrap before jetting off to his 10 p.m. night shift hosting “Loveline.”

The Blu-ray edition hopes for a better reception when it lands on Sept. 6.

A season of Emmy receptions for each nominated peer group is underway. On Tuesday night, the Television Executives and Professional Representatives group chose a poolside reception at the SLS for their mid-season soiree. PR veteran (and A.T.A.S. 2nd Vice Chair) Stacey Luchs Struber and CBS’ Joe DiSalvo were in the mix with WME’s Chris Newman.

The night before, last year’s actor winners Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston were both back for a victory lap at the Performers’ Peer Group reception, even though they are ineligible for awards this year. Kathryn Joosten (“Desperate Housewives,” “The West Wing”) along with fellow performers’ governor Conrad Bachman held court during a sunset cocktail party atop the Universal Sheraton. (Photo of “Mad Men” nominee John Slattery and Cranston by Picture Group.)

Inside, Fred Willard cited “Final Destination 5” as the funniest movie he’s seen this summer. “I think it was unintentionally funny,” he told TheWrap.

Sir Richard Branson is known for enjoying the good life, and his company Virgin Produced’s summer party — the “1st Annual Summer Vacation” — followed in spirit. Although the invite claimed: “This ain’t no Hollywood party,” it certainly looked like one. (There was even the requisite Black Eyed Pea in the mix, Poet, who DJ’d the Malibu event last weekend.

The party was hosted by Chief Officers Jason Felts and Justin Berfield and contest winners went home with, what else, free Virgin flights and Virgin cell phones.