Pamela Adlon Open to More ‘Better Things,’ But Satisfied With 5th and Final Season

“A maestro always knows when to stop playing,” co-star Celia Imrie adds

Pamela Adlon, Better Things
Pamela Adlon as Sam Fox in Better Things (Pamela Littky/FX)

“Better Things” series creator and star Pamela Adlon said Thursday she could have easily continued her critically acclaimed FX comedy as there are more stories to tell for all the characters, but is satisfied with how the fifth and final season ends.

Speaking during the FX winter press tour, Adlon hinted at the possibility of reviving the show at some point in the future. “I know that it would be nice one day if we did (a revival),” she said. “[But] It feels very satisfying right now to put these in the Encyclopedia Britannica of the Fox family. This is an incredible thing that we have five seasons right now.”

British actress Celia Imrie, who plays overbearing matriarch Phyllis on the series, said she was sorry to see the show end. “I’m so proud to be in it. I’m sad it’s in the end,” she said. “People love this show in England and I just want to carry on saying that because I don’t think that Pamela believes me. Someone once said a maestro always knows when to stop playing. I’m proud to be in this show. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

But is this really the end? In the midst of her screen mother’s sentimental speech, Adlon jokingly interrupted her by saying, “reboot,” then added, Sorry, I didn’t say anything.”

Adlon shared an anecdote from the set that she’s not the only one contemplating reviving the series down the road. “Remember our costumer? He would tell us, ‘You need to do a reboot, it’s very sexy to do a reboot, like ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Veronica Mars.’ And I’m like, ‘Let me get through Season 5 first.’”

And Adlon did not slam the door on reprising the show. “I don’t think there’s any doubt we could go on and on,” she said. “The race hasn’t run because there’s all of these lives and they have more stories to tell.”

The show, whose 2016 pilot was directed and co-written by Louis C.K., drew enormous acclaim, including a Peabody Award in 2017. Following the show’s second season aired that year, Louis C.K. cut all ties to the show after admitting to sexual misconduct.

Season 5 of “Better Things” debuts on FX on Feb. 28 and will also stream on Hulu.