My Pandemic Year: How 10 Actors Survived Through the Hollywood Shutdowns

TheWrap follows up with actors whose careers paused a year ago — but managed to write scripts, start businesses and appear in an Ariana Grande music video

One year ago, Hollywood’s working actors saw their careers turn to dust overnight. But in the year of uncertainty that followed, some took matters into their own hands and started their own businesses, wrote that long-gestating screenplay — or starred in an Ariana Grande music video.

A year ago, TheWrap interviewed 10 up-and-coming performers in Los Angeles and New York whose auditions had disappeared and who often had no income coming in from backup jobs in fitness, food service and marketing also decimated by the pandemic. Financially, it was a year of pure struggle. But in interviews in recent weeks, the performers all reported that far from buckling under the pandemic, they found ways to thrive.

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