Paramount+ Moves Into Japan via Partnership With J:COM and Wowow

Japanese TV viewers will be able to watch “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” and “Tulsa King” in December

Anson Mount as Pike in the trailer of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Cr: Michael Gibson/Paramount+
Anson Mount as Captain Pike in Season 2 of "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" (Credit: Paramount+)

Paramount+ is expanding in Asia. The streaming service will debut in Japan on Dec. 1 in partnership with Japanese cable provider J:COM and premium pay television channel Wowow, Paramount+ announced Tuesday.

However, Paramount+ won’t be available as a stand-alone streaming service as it is in North America. Instead, the streamer’s movies and TV shows will be available as part of the on-demand offerings on J:COM and Wowow.

It’s the Paramount-owned streamer’s second Asian market, following its 2022 launch in South Korea. This latest partnership is an expansion of existing agreements between Paramount, J:COM and Wowow.

Paramount+ shows including “Tulsa King,” “Mayor of Kingstown” and “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” will be available for the first time in Japan. The deal also includes movies and TV from Paramount’s back catalogue, such as “Mission: Impossible,” “Bumblebee” and “G.I. Joe” from Paramount pictures, CBS hits like “NCIS” and Showtime offerings like “Dexter” and “Ray Donovan.”

“With the launch of Paramount+ in Japan, we are now delivering hours of popular films and series to fans in all key streaming markets worldwide. It is an important milestone for us and a critical step for the future of our streaming business,” Paramount+ International EVP and international general manager Marco Nobili said in a statement. “I am excited to strengthen our collaboration with J:COM and Wowow to offer their audiences incredible content and beloved stars and characters from our iconic studios and brands.”

“For many years, Paramount Global has been delivering its music channel MTV and a variety of movies and dramas to customers through J:COM TV, which has been one of the most attractive features of J:COM TV and has been supported by customers,” Yoichi Iwaki, president and representative director of J:COM said. “We are pleased to bring Paramount’s diverse content to the people of Japan through this new partnership.” 

“In particular, the group’s drama series like ‘NCIS’ and ‘CSI’ are highly acclaimed by our customers, and we will deliver attractive content, including Paramount+ original productions through J:COM Stream. Together with our longtime partner Wowow, we will ensure the success of Paramount+ in Japan,” Iwaki added. “In addition, we will strengthen our partnerships with both parties to enhance the value of the entertainment experience for our customers.”

“Paramount Global has continued to lead the U.S. film and TV industry, consistently producing works that move people around the world. For 20 years, Wowow has been delivering Hollywood films and drama series from Paramount Global, all of which have received high praise from our subscribers,” Akira Tanaka, representative director, president and CEO of Wowow said. “With this partnership, we are now able to offer a large volume of wonderful content from Paramount+, including films and international dramas, through Wowow on demand.”

“Wowow, along with J:COM, will work diligently for the success of Paramount+ in Japan,” Tanaka said. “We are excited about our partnership with Paramount. I also hope to explore further collaborations with both companies in the future and connect it to various new initiatives, using content.”