Paramount to Release ‘World War Z’ in IMAX 3D For 1 Week

Brad Pitt's summer blockbuster has grossed more than $450 million around the world

Paramount has remastered the Brad Pitt zombie blockbuster “World War Z” for a special IMAX release, the studio announced on Monday. The film has screened in 3D domestically and IMAX overseas, but not in IMAX in the United States.

The film will run on domestic IMAX screens for one week beginning Aug. 2.

Produced by Paramount Skydance Productions, Hemisphere Media Capital and GK Films, “World War Z” has already grossed more than $460 million over the past five weeks.

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Brad Pitt stars as a former United Nations investigator who travels across the globe to identify the source of a zombie infestation that threatens to end the world. There are a few different scenes in which a mass of zombies overwhelms a city, and now those zombies will look even, uh … more dead.