Paramount+’s Success Is in Leveraging ’the Whole Household,’ says Paramount Streaming Chief Tom Ryan (Podcast)

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“Tech vs Media” podcast: The CEO lays out how using the brands across the company improves promotion and reach

Tom Ryan
Tom Ryan joined Richard Wolpert on the Tech vs Media podcast (TheWrap)

As the heavily fought streaming war continues, Tom Ryan, CEO of streaming at Paramount, attributes Paramount+’s success to leveraging “the whole household.”

“We set out to create a service for the whole household, so that means content for everyone [and] really getting more than one person in the household to engage with the service,” Ryan said on TheWrap’s “Tech vs Media” podcast with host Richard Wolpert, noting that the streaming services leverages all the content engines of Paramount, from sports to news to entertainment, to provide compelling content for all ages and demographics.

The streaming service also strategically utilizes Paramount brands to drive subscribers to Paramount+, including Pluto TV, which Ryan considers a “super funnel” due to its ability to funnel Pluto TV viewers to the streaming platform through premium branded content.