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‘Parks and Recreation’ Star Aziz Ansari Rips ‘Pro-Pedophile’ Rupert Murdoch for ‘Jihadist Cancer’ Comments

Since the Fox News founder thinks all Muslims “must be held responsible” for the terror attack in France, Ansari wonders why all Catholics aren’t held responsible for pedophile priests

Rupert Murdoch made a generalization last week that all Muslims “must be held responsible” for the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France, and “Parks and Recreation” star Aziz Ansari turned the questionable logic against the media tycoon on Sunday by declaring that pedophilia in the Catholic Church is all #RupersFault.

“Are you responsible for the evil shit all Christians do or just the insane amount of evil you yourself contribute to?” the comedian tweeted in response to Murdoch’s analysis of the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. “Rupert Murdoch is responsible for all pedophilia committed by anyone Catholic. Rupert Murdoch, why are you pro-pedophile?”

Ansari joins “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling in sharing concern over Murdoch’s “jihadist cancer” comments made on Twitter last Friday.

“I was born Christian. If that makes Rupert Murdoch my responsibility, I’ll auto-excommunicate,” the British author tweeted Sunday.

While the world was shocked by three gunmen, with connections to Al-Qaeda, killed 12 staffers and injured 11 others at the offices of a French satirical magazine, Murdoch offered this opinion on the matter:

Here is Ansari’s takedown of Murdoch’s own hypocrisy, which inspired others on Twitter to blame the Fox News founder for just about everything else under the hashtag #RupertsFault.