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Emile Hirsch Memorializes Heath Ledger as ‘UnAsshole Older Brother'; 5 Best Invites Next Week

Plus, Relativity’s $10 million dollar ”Pathway“

While most eyes (and news crews) were focused on Robert Pattinson in Westwood for Thursday night’s L.A. premiere of “The Rover,” co-star Guy Pearce and director David Michod weren’t the only Aussies in film celebrating.

Over at the SLS, Emile Hirsch turned up at the Heath Ledger Scholarship Dinner to reminisce about his “Lords of Dogtown” co-star.

“He wasn’t a know-it-all. He would sometimes come to me and be very insecure,” Hirsch said, speaking earnestly and without notes. “Am I a clown in the movie? Am I a clown?”

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“The fact that he was willing to let his guard down enough to ask another actor, or even another guy, what he thought is such an unasshole thing to do,” Hirsch said, drawing laughs.  “He just wasn’t an asshole. I really miss him a lot.”

Hirsch announced Cody Fern as the latest winner of the scholarship, a windfall comprehensive professional plan (and cash) to get Australian actors up on their feet as working actors in L.A. Six years after Ledger’s death, the foundation has given out $250,000 Australians in Film’s Simonne Overend said.

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“(Heath) was hyper masculine,” Hirsch told the invite-only crowd of 200 on the surprisingly chilly patio.

“He wasn’t like a “hoo-rah” kind of guy. He was a really gentle person. The way that he took the younger actors in “Lords of Dogtown”  – he plays the skateboard coach figure to us ‘Z-boys’ in the movie (top photo). He was only 25 at the time, but he was a real older brother/uncle brother figure. We all just loved him.”

Now Cody Fern is the younger brother, and though he comes from “Southern Cross,” a self-admitted nowhere town in western Australia (population 762), he’s not fresh off the farm.

He’s already repped by 3Arts.

Robert Pattinson and David Michod’s Lone Laugh

Premiere Of A24's "The Rover" - Red Carpet

Pattinson and Guy Pearce at “The Rover” premiere Thursday night. (Getty Images)

As mentioned above, after a Cannes premiere, David Michod’s follow up to “Animal Kingdom” had its L.A. premiere in Westwood on Thursday night.

The movie has been described as “bleak,” desolate,” “dystopian,” and TheWrap’s Diane Garrett said it is “more dispiriting than the heavily art-directed YA allegories proliferating at the box office lately.”

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Which is why the serious Michod drew the only laugh of the night for introducing the film this way: “I like to think of this as a much later, much simpler movie than “Animal Kingdom” was. And I like to think of it as a very spare, dark, elemental fable…about love.”

It opens in L.A. this weekend so your own lurid adjective addition to the commentariat awaits.

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One for One = $10 Million

Ryan Kavanaugh and Relativity put the industry muscle in to a breast cancer fundraiser at the Santa Monica Airport Wednesday night that netted $250,000 on the spot in the hangar for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and $10 million to come from cancer researcher Pathway Genomics.

Ryan Kavanaugh

Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh with Sophia Bush at . (Pathways to a Cure)

Similar to Tom’s Shoes model of buy-one, give-one, Pathway Genomics is giving away $10 million in hereditary breast cancer testing on the same one-for-one model. Kavanaugh leveraged the donation to bring in pals like Adrien Grenier, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jordana Brewster, and the clearly on hiatus Emile Hirsch (two nights in a row) for the fundraiser, where Kesha performed.

COMP - Kellan Lutz, Todd Williamson, Glen Powell

Kellan Lutz with scene fixture Todd Williamson (from AP/Invision), while Lutz’s “Expendables 3” co-star Glen Powell was well attended to with Natalie Martinez and Dawn Olivieri. (Getty Images/Pathway to a Cure)

COMP - Kesha Dancers Zen Freeman

Kesha’s lost the dollar sign but still knows how to create a money shot. This threesome performed “Timber”. After Kesha, “Thor” actress Jaimie Alexander manned the headphones for L.A. (and Vegas’) favorite Brit Zen Freeman. (Getty Images/Pathway to a Cure)

The 5 Best Invites To Find In Your Inbox for The Week of June 16

Top 5 INvites Cranston Svedka

Bryan Cranston on top at the 2013 Critics’ Choice and Jessica Szohr and Julianne Hough not toppling over at the last Svedka Summer bash. (Getty Images)

Top Event: Right in the middle of Emmy nominating season, the Critics Choice TV Awards gets TV carriage for the first time, so if you are not a voting member or have a ticket to the Beverly Hilton show (5:00 p.m. live broadcast time) it will air on CW.

Elsewhere: Critical hit yet under-discussed “Rectify’s” season two premiere comes to the Sundance Cinemas on Sunset on Monday night. Young Hollywood will come out in force for Svedka’s Summer Samba in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night, weaving in a nice World Cup/Brazil theme to their annual summer party. Finally, Clint Eastwood‘s “Jersey Boys” closes the L.A. Film Festival on Thursday, June 19.

Next weekend, the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) lights up Las Vegas with every name in the business playing the speedway or one of the hotel parties. After their private performance at Coachella, I pick Major Lazer’s show at the Encore Beach Club at Night inside the Wynn as a top ticket of the festival’s shoulder economy.