Pat Sajak Pulls Wrestling Move on Winning ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant 

Should the host be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, too?

Pat Sajak (Getty Images)
Pat Sajak (Getty Images)

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak put a contestant in a “crossface chickenwing” wrestling move on the latest episode of the game show – but it’s OK, this guy is used to that sort of treatment.

During Tuesday’s “Wheel of Fortune” a contestant named Fred Fletcher-Jackson – a sometimes professional wrestler – cleaned up, answering puzzles back-to-back and then nailing the bonus round in merely three guesses and earning himself a “clean sweep.” Amazed by his range of knowledge, Sajak offered to “body slam” him to appease the other contestants.

“Very rarely it happens that we get someone who just swept everything, and [can] make it a clean sweep by getting this bonus round,” the host said to Fletcher-Jackson, whose main job is a drama teacher.

Fletcher-Jackson ended up winning $75,800 in prizes after scoring a “perfect game” and solving the the bonus-round puzzle. In celebration, Sajak placed Fletcher-Jackson into the crossface move. There was no bad blood, as Feltcher-Jackson had fun with it, laughing and making silly facial expressions.

The video has since blown up online, with many chiming in on how hilarious the moment was. 

“Put Pat Sajak in the hall of fame for applying a crossface chickenwing,” said one Twitter user. “Pat Sajak taking out a contestant is hilarious to me,” said another. 

Sajak has been hosting “Wheel of Fortune” since 1981, and has been nominated for 19 daytime Emmys and took home three.