‘The Path’ Star Michelle Monaghan Talks ‘Dark’ Twists, Meeting Tom Cruise (Exclusive Video)

“You really see how convicted Sarah is,” actress tells TheWrap of her character on the Hulu series

Last Updated: June 8, 2017 @ 11:20 AM

Sarah learned the hard way during the second season of Hulu’s drama series “The Path” that blackmail doesn’t always pay off.

Michelle Monaghan, whose character dealt with the consequences of her scheme, tells TheWrap that Season 2 showed the “extreme lengths” that Sarah would go to in order to preserve her Meyerism faith (the religion depicted on the show).

“There was a lot of intimidation that happened in Season 2, and you really see how convicted Sarah is — really, truly how devout she is,” says Monaghan, who co-stars with Aaron Paul on the series. “Without it, she is nothing, and so you see her do some pretty extreme things, and I would say that was fairly dark, but fun.”

Monaghan co-starred with Tom Cruise on the 2006 blockbuster “Mission: Impossible III,” and she met the A-list actor in a rather unusual way while on the set of Steven Spielberg‘s 2005 hit “War of the Worlds.”

“He was doing some reshoots actually for ‘War of the Worlds,’ and in true Tom Cruise fashion, he was dangling from the air on something — so he basically zips down and introduces himself,” she says. “And then he waves Steven Spielberg over, and if I wasn’t already nervous enough, I met them exactly in the same moment, two of my heroes.”

Check out the interview above.