Patty Jenkins and Ryan Murphy Trade Barbs Over Their Similar ‘1984’ Titles

“Wow, what a great title!!! Oh… wait a minute,” “Wonder Woman: 1984” director shades “AHS: 1984” showrunner

Patty Jenkins Ryan Murphy
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This is the future George Orwell warned us about — filmmakers mocking each other over their similar tastes in subtitles, namely, “1984.”

Ryan Murphy revealed the title of the ninth season of his anthology show “American Horror Story” to be “AHS: 1984.” The only problem is, the title has a striking similarity to another project due out next year, the sequel to “Wonder Woman,” “Wonder Woman: 1984.”

Director Patty Jenkins threw a little shade Murphy’s way, wondering how he could have possibly come up with a such great, dystopian sounding subtitle.

Dear @MrRPMurphy #AHS1984. Wow, what a great title!!! Oh… wait a minute. Uh… Love, #WW1984,” Jenkins wrote on Twitter.

Murphy, however, was quick to respond and remind her that Orwell used the title first.

Dear @PattyJenks #WW1984. Wow, what a great title!!! Oh… wait a minute. Uh… Love, #GeorgeOrwell’s1984,” he said along with a winking emoji.

The title of the second “Wonder Woman” film was announced in June 2018 and involves Diana (Gal Gadot) fighting a new villain. Set in the mid-’80s, it is 40-odd years removed from the World War II era “Wonder Woman” but before the events of “Justice League.”

As for “AHS: 1984,” Murphy’s latest season is made to resemble ’80s slasher movies, with a teaser showing a girl dashing through the forest on the run from a killer with a knife.

There’s no official release date for “AHS: 1984” just yet, but “Wonder Woman: 1984” hits theaters June 5, 2020.