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Paul McCartney Has Nightmares About Playing With The Beatles (Video)

In his recurring anxiety dream, the audience leaves, waking the bassist up in a cold sweat

Sir Paul McCartney got a standing ovation on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday, where he hung out, talked the old days and even played a few tunes on Hollywood Boulevard.

“Now you were originally in The Beatles,” the late night host deadpanned to open the interview.

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The left-handed bassist told Kimmel that to this day he has nightmares about playing a show with The Beatles where the audience starts to leave. The group panics to keep the crowd in their seats, changing up to a different classic hit. But the crowd continues to file out.

Then, McCartney wakes up in a cold sweat.

“Has that ever happened?” Kimmel asked. “Has the audience ever left?”

McCartney simply responded, “No.”

Watch the clip: