Paul Pelosi Attacker David DePape Makes Chilling Call to Local TV Station

KTVU-TV reporter Amber Lee said her conversation with DePape, who has been charged with attempted murder, sounded scripted

Getty Images

David DePape, the man caught on police body camera viciously attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer and who has been charged with attempted murder, called a local TV station newsroom on Friday with a chilling message.

DePape called KTVU-TV (FOX2 San Francisco) on the same day a superior court judge ordered the body camera and surveillance videos of the attack to be released, which show DePape striking Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, in the head with a hammer. He made the call from the San Francisco County jail and spoke with reporter Amber Lee, who originally reached out to him.

“I want to apologize to everyone. I messed up. What I did was really bad. I’m so sorry I didn’t get more of them. It’s my own fault. No one else is to blame. I should have come better prepared,” DePape said in the taped five-minute conversation with Lee.

DePape said to KTVU-TV he attacked Pelosi because he believes people’s individual liberties are under attack.

“I got their names and addresses so I could pay them a little visit… have a heart-to-heart chat about their bad behavior,” DePape said.

In her report, Lee said she could not ask follow-up questions to DePape and added that the conversation sounded scripted. Additionally, she said DePape told her he did not want to jeopardize his case.

DePape is facing a slew of charges including attempted murder, elder abuse, and kidnapping. He has pleaded not guilty in state and federal cases, and he has been held in jail without bail since the attack.