Paula Deen Rides Back Into the Spotlight On a Man’s Back (Video)

Paula Deen rides high, atop fellow famous foodie’s back

Paula Deen’s back … and Robert Irvine’s back is probably a little sore because of it Monday morning.

Deen, who recently received a $75 million infusion to fund her comeback, reveled in it at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival by declaring herself ready to “get back in the saddle” … and playing cowgirl at the expense of her fellow famous foodie, Irvine.

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Deen, who lost millions of dollars’ worth of business partnerships last year after it was revealed that she had used the “N” word and once contemplated a plantation-themed wedding, wowed the crowd at the festival by mounting Irvine and riding him across the stage.

She also referred to him as “boy.”

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Then she dismounted and critiqued his stamina.

“You were huffing!” Deen chastised. “Yes, you’re huffing right now!”

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Deen has a history of public physical interactions with Irvine. At an earlier event, Deen licked butter off of Irvine’s bare abs, and also doing the horsey routine with him.

Perhaps, next time Deen is considering a wedding ceremony based on the subjugation of others, she should have the wait staff dress as Irvine.

Watch Deen giddy-up in the video below.