Paula Deen Dropped By Sears, Kmart

Deen loses another sponsorship deal over the N word

Sears and Kmart are the latest companies to cut ties with Paula Deen.

"After careful consideration of all available information, we have made the decision to phase out all products tied to the brand. We will continue to evaluate the situation. Our members' needs will be given first priority as we work to continue to provide quality cookware in our stores and online," Sears Holdings, which owns both Sears and Kmart, said in a statement on Friday.

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They join a long list of companies that have cut ties with Deen since she acknowledged using the N-word in a deposition last month. They include the Food Network, Smithfield Foods, Walmart, Target, drug manufacturer Novo Nordisk, and Harrah's.

Deen received generally low marks on a "Today" interview Wednesday in which she said she wouldn't have fired herself and invited anyone who has never said something they regret to "please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me." Her business partners were apparently unimpressed.

Deen acknowledged using the N word in a deposition last month in which she and her brother are being sued by a former employee at a restaurant they own. The employee said Deen's brother subjected her to racist, sexist and violent behavior and that Deen did nothing to stop it.