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Pecs and Petunias: Ellen, TheWrap Has Found Your Next Gardener (Video)

The search is on for the talk show host’s new green thumb

Working for Ellen DeGeneres may or may not be a bed of roses, but it led to a movie role for “Nick the Gardener,” who’s branching out into acting. Now, the search for the next six-packed super hunk is on and TheWrap may have found the perfect guy for the gig:

Matthew Andrews

Matthew Andrews

Matthew Andrews is a 23-year-old customer service representative and part-time trainer from Marmora, New Jersey. And judging by his video, he’s got pretty much everything the talk show host is looking for: He’s hot, young, and extremely eager. More importantly, you can grate Parmesan right off his stomach.

Andrews has one more thing going for him: actual gardening experience.

“My parents’ house has a very big garden,” Andrews told TheWrap. “I take care of it for them. Also, I’m good at chopping wood. If Ellen chooses me, there won’t be a cold day on her set.”

As you can see by his submission video above, he isn’t kidding. The gardener-to-the-stars wannabe can chop a big log with one clean swoop.

DeGeneres has been searching for a new gardener ever since her last landscaper, Nick (real name Billy Reilich), landed a part in the upcoming movie, “Magic Mike XXL.”

Reilich, a 24-year-old former assistant basketball coach, had viewers swooning after appearing shirtless on the show. Ellen then campaigned to get him a role in Channing Tatum‘s new flick.

Finally, Tatum, the movie’s producer, relented, offering Nick/Billy the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Nick! What’s up man?” Tatum said in a call to the talk show. “After careful inspection of your ab region, we have deducted that we need you.”

Since then, the show has been on the lookout for Nick’s replacement and videos have been pouring in.

You can see more of Ellen’s hysterical gardener submissions here.

Also, watch “Nick the Gardener” getting a call from Channing Tatum below.