Pedro Pascal ‘Remembers Everything’ About His ‘Buffy’ Episode After Sarah Michelle Gellar Shout-Out

In 1999, “The Mandalorian” star played Eddie in the Season 4 premiere episode of “Vampire Slayer”

Pedro Pascal
Getty Images

Pedro Pascal was excited, thrilled, and delighted when he learned that Sarah Michelle Gellar remembers working with him on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Pascal attended the Season 3 premiere of his Disney+ series “The Mandalorian” in Los Angeles on Tuesday, where he heard about being name-dropped in Gellar’s “Buffy” post. While talking with “Entertainment Tonight” and “Access Hollywood,” Pascal was amazed Gellar gave him a shout-out on social media – or remembered him at all.

“Sarah Michelle Gellar posted about me?” Pascal asked. “I need to get on the world wide web!”

Though Pascal has an Instagram account, he didn’t see Gellar’s post of the two of them from their shared “Buffy” episode from 1999. “When #Mother met #Father,” Gellar wrote.

When Pascal learned of the post, he got misty: “I want her to know that I remember every moment of shooting that episode, as brief as it was,” Pascal said. “She was such a kind scene partner, and we had the best time.”

Pascal shared a story with “Entertainment Tonight” about a time Gellar had ice cream in her trailer and shared it with him during the night shoot on the UCLA campus. He told the reporter he could “go on and on” about his time filming the classic show 24 years ago. “She was incredibly kind,” Pascal said.

In 1999, Pascal played Eddie in the Season 4 premiere episode of “Buffy.” His character was a college student that was befriended by Gellar, however the two didn’t last because he turned into a vampire.

Gellar responded to Pascal’s reactions on her Instagram story Wednesday, saying: “As if I could ever forget you.”